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Enjoy the balanced lifestyle you want and deserve.

We know you have a life outside of ScottMadden. We support your desire to live a well-balanced life– which means time for family, friends, exercise, hobbies, or whatever you want to do with your free time. Your job will be a demanding one, and we expect you to work hard at it. But we also encourage you to enjoy your free time. Weekend work is not generally required, and partners try to be flexible should you need to be home during the week for a special event, doctor’s appointment, or other non-work commitment. Vacation days are not allowed to be carried over from one calendar year to the next, as we encourage consultants to take the vacation time which they are allotted. You’ll find the ScottMadden culture values hard work, but also places a premium on leisure time which helps set us apart from the rest.

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Project Team Sessions

At the beginning of a new assignment, project teams meet to discuss key information, develop the project schedule, and define roles and responsibilities. These meetings continue during the project with the focus shifting to deliverables and preparation for client meetings. We share real-time lessons learned and conduct a project highlights session after project completion.


Research is required on every project and can range from searching the firm’s knowledgebase to benchmarking companies against their peers. In addition to project-related research work, consultants are encouraged to help with research on important industry topics for firm-sponsored conferences, seminars, and publications.


At the heart of every consulting engagement is the analysis performed for the client. Once initial interviews are completed and data has been gathered, consultants conduct analyses, prioritize what is important, and develop specific recommendations tailored to a client’s needs and situation.

Career Development

Career development is important at ScottMadden. Each year consultants meet with their assigned sponsor to create a detailed personal development plan. On first Friday of every month, sessions are held in both offices to discuss current industry topics or consulting techniques. In addition, more formal training for each level is provided.


Travel will vary by project, but the typical schedule consists of flying to the client site Monday morning and returning Thursday evening. To encourage work-life balance, our firm places a priority on having consultants in their home office on Friday.


We are a mid-size firm with low overhead and no bureaucracy.  In support of this model, consultants have administrative responsibilities that accompany their project work. They are expected to track their hours each day, submit weekly reports, and formally report their time and expenses each month.


Even new associates are involved with recruiting and corresponding with interested students, interviewing candidates, and attending university presentations and job fairs.

Personal Time

Consultants at ScottMadden work hard during the week, but billing over the weekend is strongly discouraged. Weekends are ours to spend with family, pursue hobbies, or enjoy our personal time however we prefer.

Welcome to ScottMadden!

Sussex Economic Advisors is now part of ScottMadden. We invite you to learn more about our expanded firm. Please use the Contact Us form to request additional information.