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Utility Benchmarking

Embracing the Energy Transformation

For gas and electric utilities to stay competitive and adapt to an evolving energy landscape, utility benchmarking is imperative. Benchmarking is an essential tool for utilities seeking to achieve and sustain top performance, and ScottMadden specializes in providing comprehensive benchmarking services that address the unique challenges and opportunities in the utility sector.


Electric Utility Benchmarking: Navigating Regulatory and Market Shifts

For electric utilities, adapting to regulatory changes and market dynamics is crucial. Our services include:
  • Comprehensive benchmarking assessment of performance across a range of focus areas that, in our view, are the most critical to the modern utility
  • Wide range of metrics addressing cost, capital deployment, regulatory value, reliability, affordability, environmental, and safety performance
  • Specific, functional detail for generation, transmission, distribution, and support services


Gas Utility Benchmarking: Enhancing Operational Excellence

Our gas utility benchmarking focuses on critical areas such as:
  • Operational efficiency and cost reduction
  • Safety and reliability performance
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality


Our Comprehensive Benchmarking Approach

ScottMadden offers a holistic approach to utility benchmarking, providing actionable insights across various operational aspects:
  • Gap Identification: Pinpointing areas for improvement and potential savings
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Strategies to enhance operational efficiency
  • Operational and Financial Performance: Improving overall utility performance metrics
  • Risk Reduction: Enhancing safety measures and reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction: Boosting brand reputation through improved customer service
  • Regulatory Compliance: Justifying initiatives and maintaining compliance with industry regulations


Our expert team at ScottMadden utilizes proven methods to offer tailored benchmarking solutions, ensuring that electric and gas utilities can effectively address today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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