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Specification-Level Demand Planning with LeadAhead Planner

At a Glance

Strategic Planning

  • Enhance SKU-level demand planning by capturing specification-level demand at the earliest possible time

Prevents Delays

  • Prevent project delays related to long-lead materials

Reduces Costs

  • Reduce project portfolio costs by enabling trade-off decisions on constrained, long-lead item allocation


As a midsize infrastructure entity embarked on an ambitious plan to double its asset footprint in the coming years, it encountered a significant bottleneck—a communication gap between the project planning teams and the supply chain organization. While the planning teams were adept at identifying the specifications and requirements for capital projects, this critical information was not effectively captured and relayed to the supply chain team in a timely manner. Consequently, the supply chain organization was often only alerted to material needs through material requisitions, a stage far too late for the procurement of essential long-lead components. This timing mismatch meant that securing the necessary materials in time for the scheduled start of construction was virtually impossible, highlighting an urgent need for a solution that could bridge this gap.


  • Engaged with subject matter experts across the organization to understand the project lifecycle, approval process, and the available information about key materials specifications
  • Deployed LeadAhead Planner to capture long-lead material specifications at the earliest possible stage in the project lifecycle
  • Synchronized LeadAhead Planner with existing project planning tools for streamlined scheduling and execution
  • Advised on the revision of existing project lifecycle processes to incorporate LeadAhead Planner
  • Conducted training with and supplied reference guides to system users to support the initial rollout


  • Improved key material demand planning at the specification level, strengthening overall project execution and efficiency
  • Facilitated strategic decision-making in sourcing with early demand insights at the specification level provided by LeadAhead Planner
  • Enhanced supplier relationships and power in negotiations by signaling material needs well in advance
  • Supported budget optimization through improved material planning and reduced the need to revise purchase orders and contracts due to information becoming available at a later stage
  • Provided sufficient notice to enable strategic decisions on project priority for constrained materials

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