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Enhanced Visibility and Self-Service with StockStatus Interactive


  • Enable self-service for material status updates significantly reducing inbound inquiries

Proactive Planning

  • Enhance planning and resource allocation through proactive issue identification

Improved Operations

  • Improve operational efficiency by facilitating better decision-making, improved project planning, and execution through timely material fulfillment, and mitigated risk of unexpected shortages


A midsize infrastructure entity was struggling with deteriorating material lead times. A significant issue that emerged was the lack of visibility for end users regarding the status of their orders, which resulted in a considerable amount of supply chain staff time spent responding to inquiries from various business units. Additionally, the existing inventory management systems failed to provide comprehensive visibility into pending material issues and purchase order receipts, leading to unexpected shortages and disrupting operations.


  • Integrated StockStatus Interactive as the primary inventory, material request, and purchase order monitoring system
  • Conducted over-the-shoulder “ride-alongs” with end users to accelerate adoption
  • Utilized the centralized dashboard feature for near real-time tracking of material requests across the organization
  • Provided visibility into stock levels at all facilities to reduce uncertainty and improve material allocation
  • Tracked outstanding purchase orders and their statuses while flagging late shipments for follow-up with vendors
  • Highlighted expected issues and receipts to enable proactive planning and resource allocation


  • Dramatically reduced effort to obtain information on material status
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities with comprehensive, up-to-date material information accessible through the system
  • Improved project planning and execution due to timely fulfillment of material requests, reducing delays
  • Enabled self-service across the organization for material needs tracking, decreasing time spent on inquiries
  • Provided expanded visibility into inventory management, encompassing facility-level activity, mitigating the risk of surprise shortages

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