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Supply Chain Warehousing and Inventory

A company’s warehousing strategy and inventory management approach are two of the largest drivers of supply chain performance and overall costs. Implementing an improved warehousing strategy has enabled some supply chain organizations to realize savings that equate to 10% to 15% of their total inventory value. Whether warehouse growth was the result of mergers/acquisitions or the expansion of services, many organizations have lost the balance between assets and service levels. Regaining the right balance represents an opportunity to drive significant cost reductions but must be done thoughtfully to avoid a negative impact on customers.

ScottMadden’s deep understanding of the key performance levers in supply chain and long history of serving clients gives us a clear lens through which to view efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, ScottMadden’s proven methodology to uncover the true drivers of inventory levels and develop realistic improvement plans is the most comprehensive approach in the industry.

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