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Smart Integration of Solar

Many regions in the United States are experiencing rapid growth of solar. These existing or traditional systems are often designed and operated to generate and deliver the maximum amount of electricity in real time. Operational challenges are becoming evident in markets with high penetrations of traditional solar. However, utility-scale solar holds the potential if operated differently to address some of these issues on the electric grid by itself. The key to this transition is to understand the potential impacts of high penetrations of solar and identify solutions that ensure grid flexibility and reliability.

Our experienced team of energy practitioners is at the forefront of developing innovative strategies and approaches to smart solar integration. We understand that, in order to succeed, these new technologies must be integrated into an increasingly complex energy industry ecology.

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Smart Integration of Solar Services

Solar has become an important and growing part of the electric generation portfolio in the United States. ScottMadden brings experience in emerging technologies, along with a deep understanding of the solar markets, to help our clients develop and execute a strategy and business plan.

Our team of experts has assisted clients with market assessments, regulatory strategy, and asset management. We have experience with stakeholder engagement and program design, and we have supported both utilities and renewable developers as they explore solar opportunities.

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Customer Engagement



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