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Resource Acquisition

Resource acquisition by utilities is critical to meet the demands of customers, utility commissions, state regulations, and political mandates. As power plants age and power contracts expire, many companies are looking to acquire new resources in order to meet these demands. Any viable resource acquisition solution must consider the cost, the operating characteristics, technology readiness, and availability of resources. By taking these into consideration, a successful resource acquisition strategy will ensure reliable and cost-effective services for your customers.

The high cost of resources and the long-term nature of investments make this a challenging and high-risk problem to solve. Furthermore, every utility is governed by local and regional factors and is faced with rapidly changing economic conditions. Selecting one type of technology over another can have significant implications. Resource acquisition decisions for your utility require new perspectives informed by the latest developments and market conditions. To make the best decision for today and for the next 10 years, attention must be given not only to the cost but also to technological viability and trends.

At ScottMadden, we are experts in the energy industry and are experienced in advising utilities across North America on every type of resource. Our expertise in resource acquisition coupled with our understanding of larger industry and market issues allows us to help you quickly identify the right mix of energy resources for your future.

Resource Acquisition Services

Partnering with ScottMadden in resource acquisition includes a wide range of services individually tailored to your utility’s needs.

  • Educating you on energy trends, opportunities, and technologies
  • Guiding your communications with your state regulators and policy decision makers
  • Modeling for costs, portfolio simulations, benefits, and risks
  • Assisting with running RFPs for resource acquisition and in the evaluation and selection process
  • Providing contract reviews and negotiation

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