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The energy industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and local distribution companies (LDCs) are feeling the pressure. In recent years, gas LDCs have increased their infrastructure investments due to an increased focus on safety improvements buoyed by state regulatory support for those investments. To survive in this environment, many LDCs face the challenge of meeting commitments to regulators and customers related to capital deployment and project/program execution. Without properly planned capital investment, as well as a successful deployment and implementation of new projects. LDCs may risk prolonged financial hardship or even failure. In this complex scenario, smart investments and carefully crafted plans for large-scale infrastructure projects must be made with precision and realism if these companies hope to remain competitive in the long term.

We are Experienced Transmission & Distribution Consultants

With more than 35 years of industry experience, ScottMadden works with our gas LDC clients to develop regulatory and capital strategies to address these challenges. We provide you with the necessary tools and technologies to implement those strategies and to execute your critical programs successfully.

Our consultants can help you improve your gas distribution business by implementing the appropriate management systems to manage cost, ensure safety, and improve the reliability of natural gas delivery.



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