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Since 2014, ScottMadden has joined the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) to provide energy industry decision makers with the knowledge, tools, contacts, and insights to position their utility for the future. ScottMadden has helped to lead:

  • Utility and distributed energy executives to Hawaii to uncover the effects of increasingly higher penetrations of distributed energy resources (DERs) on the grid
  • U.S. energy industry executives to explore the powerful discoveries and course corrections of the United Kingdom’s most recent energy experimentations, including performance-based energy price schemes, transactive energy projects, and flexibility markets
  • Industry executives to the Netherlands and Belgium to explore the renewable energy market and grid modernization efforts of these two countries – as well as the greater European Union
  • U.S. energy industry executives to discover ways Australian utilities and partners are deploying DERs and how customers are responding to this market shift
  • U.S. energy industry executives to the deregulated “energy market laboratory” of Austin and San Antonio, Texas to examine the innovative programs and offerings that are enabling solar to grow
  • International energy industry executives to explore the renewable energy market in Oahu, Hawaii to learn from electricity and solar market leaders
  • U.S. energy industry executives to the bellwether energy market of Germany to exchange information with electricity and solar market leaders

ScottMadden Energy Transition Consulting Services

Based on our experience and first-person fact finding, our expert consultants have been able to work with clients to understand and effectively navigate the changing landscape, bringing an understanding of energy-unique concerns. Our consulting services don’t just help our clients understand the evolving energy landscape – we work with them to achieve business results in this landscape.

ScottMadden Management Consultants believe electric utilities maintain natural advantages that can be leveraged to deploy renewables and DER assets as well or better than some models being offered. In our 51st Phase II Roadmap, shared with SEPA, ScottMadden proposes leveraging the natural advantages of the electric utility in order to accelerate the deployment and penetration of DER assets.

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