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In today’s variable economy, the need to take cost out of the business is a challenge many of our clients face every day.

ScottMadden has a long history of helping clients reduce costs. We take a personalized approach to assessing cost-reduction opportunities to determine your underlying drivers and areas of opportunity. This can range from studying your organizational structure and staffing levels to examining your processes and operating practices, such as your procurement of direct and indirect goods and services, to assessing your non-labor costs, such as vendors and their contracts.

You will receive cost-reduction recommendations that are practical and achievable—to meet the specific needs of your business. We aim for sustainable improvements so your business is well positioned for the future and can avoid an ongoing cycle of cost reduction. What’s more, we can help you implement these changes to improve your business’s financial outlook.


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We work step-by-step with clients to ensure each project’s success. Our strong team of consultants employs an adaptable framework to guide clients to the best decision for their unique situations. We do what we say we are going to do, with integrity, tenacity, and a genuine passion for the work throughout the entire project.

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