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Corporate and Asset-Based Transactions

ScottMadden transaction management consultants have helped structure, negotiate, and close transactions from $10 million to more than $1 billion.

As energy needs expand beyond traditional sectors, electric utilities are searching for ways to harness organic and sustainable economic growth. In addition to growth from new products and services, economic development, and expanded use of energy through uses like electric vehicles, utilities are also seeking earnings growth through mergers and acquisitions of assets and companies.

Electric and gas utilities continue to seek opportunistic acquisitions, especially in the rate-regulated utility and pipeline space.

Transaction Management Consulting

At ScottMadden, we provide data-driven economic and financial advisory services for sell-side transaction management, synergy estimation, buy-side due diligence, valuation support, and testimony in support, and testimony in support of transactions. Our team of professionals has helped structure, negotiate, and close transactions ranging in size from $10 million to more than $1 billion.

By utilizing transaction management consultants, rather than venturing into transactions on their own, electric utilities will be able to protect themselves from any potential mishaps or high costs associated with transactions of this size. Consequently, transaction management consulting provides a powerful solution for electric utilities who want to capitalize on innovative products and services amid rapid technological changes.



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