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NXTGEN Training

December 7, 2021

We have worked alongside our clients to transform the training content to embed procedural guidance, operating experience alongside first person view videos. Our NXTGEN training services have significantly improved the training effectiveness for learners, and enabled learners in the field to see the right vs. wrong way to perform work.

NERC Compliance

November 8, 2021

NERC compliance standards were established to maintain the reliability and security of the bulk electric system. Non-compliance with NERC standards may put the grid at risk and have significant impacts on companies through monetary fines, penalties, and reputational harm.

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Project Management Assessment Methodology

July 23, 2021

Understanding your project management capabilities is the first step towards improving them. At ScottMadden we use a proven methodology to assess project management capabilities, built upon the Project Management Institute standards. In addition, our own deep subject matter expertise and experience leading large project implementations allows us to create actionable recommendations that tailor to our client’s needs, culture, risk tolerance, and time horizons.

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Rate Design

July 21, 2020

Industries We Serve

April 15, 2020

ScottMadden’s Corporate & Shared Services practice serves clients in a wide range of industries. Recognized for building specific industry excellence, we combine in-depth knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business with our world-class functional experience.

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Transmission & Distribution

September 23, 2019

The electric power industry is experiencing a sea of change. From the growing addition of intermittent, often distributed, renewable energy sources to new and more efficient ways that residential, commercial, and industrial users are consuming electricity, the underpinning grid infrastructure is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Never before have strategic investment, operations, risk mitigation, and compliance been so important or challenging.

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Energy Markets

September 3, 2019

Energy markets in the United States continue to evolve, creating opportunity, risk, and complexity. Companies that have a thorough understanding of market processes, rules and tariffs, hedging strategies, and portfolio management capabilities can benefit from active market participation to reduce costs and risks and optimize earnings.

Whether you are deciphering current market tariffs and business practices, navigating the sometimes confusing application process, or compiling other required data for resource adequacy, load forecasts, etc., participation in the organized markets can be complex.

We can help you optimize the benefits of market participation. Through our experience in energy market structures and market participant operations, organization structure, and process constructs, we can help you determine what to do now to take advantage of potential opportunities.

Grid Edge

September 3, 2019

The ways you operate, plan, and maintain the grid and interact with customers are changing. We can help you face these challenges with confidence. Our grid edge experts help you adapt to the changes driven by the increasing penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs) such as distributed generation, storage, demand response, and microgrids.

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Resource Acquisition

August 1, 2019

Resource acquisition by utilities is critical to meet the demands of customers, utility commissions, state regulations, and political mandates. As power plants age and power contracts expire, many companies are looking to acquire new resources in order to meet these demands. Any viable resource acquisition solution must consider the cost, the operating characteristics, technology readiness, and availability of resources. By taking these into consideration, a successful resource acquisition strategy will ensure reliable and cost-effective services for your customers.

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Performance Assessment and Benchmarking

August 1, 2019

The energy landscape is constantly changing, forcing utilities to face new challenges and shifting economic, regulatory, and market dynamics.

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Enterprise Cost Reduction

August 1, 2019

Many organizations are faced with the challenge of reducing costs. In fact, companies are increasingly incorporating cost-reduction initiatives into their strategic priorities. Maintaining operations and service levels while also minimizing the impact to employees can seem daunting. It is important to find the right solution that helps your company optimize costs in a sustainable way.

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Demand Forecasting

August 1, 2019

Demand forecasting informs many critical business decisions in electric and gas companies. Creating an accurate forecast for consumer demand will make your company more competitive in the marketplace. However, preparing a demand forecast requires a wide range of analytical skills, research, and experience. To be successful, you need a thorough understanding of statistical analysis, the industry, the subject company and its service territory, and regulatory precedent.

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