10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organizations

20% of HR shared services organizations are “top performers” according to ScottMadden and SSON's latest HR shared services benchmarking analysis.

So, what makes these organizations better?

The answers can be found in the latest report entitled "10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organizations." It’s full of benchmark analysis and tips from ScottMadden’s leading HR experts, as well as case studies from:

  • Turner
  • The World Bank
  • HCA Healthcare

Learn about the transformational approach to HR shared services: what drives success and performance and what sets the top 20% apart.

SSON ScottMadden HR Report
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Take Your HR SSO to the Next Level

To join the ranks of top performers, continuous improvement of your service delivery model is critical.

Before you can improve, you need to assess your HR Shared Services Organization (SSO), identify gaps between current performances and leading practices, and determine the best path forward.

ScottMadden offers a proven SSO Accelerator to help you identify a road map for improvement. 

We identify practical opportunities that are based on our years of experience designing, building, and improving SSOs and customize our recommendations based on what will work for your organization.

View the video to learn more.

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