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ScottMadden Spreads Holiday Cheer to Local Angels | December 2015

In celebration of the holiday season, ScottMadden partnered with the Me Fine Foundation to adopt a family of four and The Salvation Army of Atlanta and The Salvation Army of Wake County to adopt 62 “angels.” ScottMadden has been a part of The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program for more than 20 years, providing children with clothing and special gifts. As always, ScottMadden employees were excited to receive their “angels” and to begin the shopping process. “I always look forward to going to the Salvation Army headquarters to pick up our ‘angels.’ And, it is always fun to see the gifts that come in, including nine bicycles this year,” says Betsy Serafin, receptionist and office assistant in our Atlanta office. There is nothing quite like giving back to your local community!

Veterans Day | November 2015

On a day when we honor our veterans, we want to take the opportunity to highlight those within ScottMadden who have served and continue to serve our nation.

We have the privilege to work among America’s veterans, each bringing with them a unique perspective and discipline from their time of service. They bring a wealth of experience and a global outlook that is undeniable.

Our veteran consultants understand the dynamics of leadership, teamwork, efficiency, integrity, and accountability. Their awareness and understanding of these key principles translates to their work with clients and the firm. It is what sets them apart.

In September, ScottMadden ranked fifth for best consulting firms for military veterans by, a career website that ranks the top 50 consulting firms annually. We certainly take pride in this ranking.

When we recruit new consultants and staff, we consider their values, integrity, and principles. We will not compromise on these qualities. We measure our success by our clients’ success, and we put their needs first, every time. When they work with us, they know that they are going to work with genuine people who have integrity, tenacity, and a genuine passion for the work. Our veterans help us to achieve this mission, bringing forward their versatility developed from experience during their military service.

“There are so many things to be proud of at ScottMadden, and for me, working alongside these American veterans and heroes is at the top of the list,” said Brad Kitchens, president and CEO at ScottMadden. “We live in the greatest country in the world, and we owe them and many others our thanks and gratitude. So, to our ScottMadden veterans, thank you!”

We thank our veterans for their commitment to serving our country and for demonstrating their high principles here at ScottMadden. It is an honor to be a part of their journey.

2015 Special Olympics Summer Games: Serving Our Champions | May 2015

This past May, ScottMadden took part in the 2015 Special Olympics Summer Games.

In Raleigh, ScottMadden volunteers, comprised of employees, families, and friends, partnered with Special Olympics North Carolina (SONC) at Cardinal Gibbons High School to cheer on athletes participating in the SONC Summer Games, the state-level competition. The “cheer team” took a seat in the stands and waved their pom-poms, providing encouragement and additional support during track and field events.

The event included six sports and 26 different athletic events for nearly 1,500 athletes from across the state.

“The athletes had heart, drive, and lots of fun,” said Michelle Purvis, senior associate at ScottMadden. “Our group had a blast cheering them on. We even did a little dancing in our seats! Overall, it was a great opportunity to come together outside of the office to show support for athletes across the state.”

In Atlanta, ScottMadden volunteers, comprised of employees, families, and friends, partnered with Special Olympics Georgia (SOGA) at Emory University to serve as escorts, taking athletes to the various staging areas at the track and field events. The team also provided support for time keeping and staged the long jump competition.

During this event, SOGA served more than 1,768 athletes in various levels of competition in eight different sports. Our staff members were proud to join forces with other volunteers (reaching 1,792 throughout the weekend) to make it a memorable experience for the competitors.

“We were overly impressed by the attitude and efforts of the athletes. They put forth 100 percent of their abilities and found true joy in the sport(s),” said Ryan Arrieta, senior associate at ScottMadden. “It was inspiring to see them go full force, letting nothing stop them from achieving their personal best.”

Ryan added, “It was a joy to see through the eyes of the athletes. They showed us the true meaning of Special Olympics.”

This experience provided a great opportunity to support our local athletes. We look forward to taking part in future competitions and empowering our athletes to be champions.

ScottMadden Helps Make Christmas Wishes Come True | December 2014

In celebration of the holiday season, ScottMadden focused on fulfilling the needs of children in Atlanta, GA, and Raleigh, NC.

In collaboration with The Salvation Army of Atlanta and The Salvation Army of Wake County, ScottMadden adopted 67 “angels” to provide them with clothing. ScottMadden employees were certainly eager for the distribution of the angel cards in both offices. “We have been ‘adopting’ children for more than 20 years. It is something everyone looks forward to,” says Betsy Serafin, receptionist and office assistant in our Atlanta office.

ScottMadden also coordinated transportation of the donations to the proper Salvation Army facility by volunteer UPS drivers. “It’s amazing how everything comes together,” added Ms. Serafin.

ScottMadden employees were fortunate to take part in The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, and we look forward to adopting angels in the future.

Happy holidays from the ScottMadden team!

Family Volunteer Day: Putting Our Green Thumbs to Work | October 2014

ScottMadden recently took part in a community project, which involved planting trees in Raleigh at The Boys & Girls Club’s new Teen Center and in Atlanta near DeKalb Avenue. This event included partnerships with local tree planting organizations, providing us the opportunity to play a part in protecting and expanding our urban forests.

In Raleigh, ScottMadden volunteers, comprised of employees, families, and friends, partnered with Trees Across Raleigh, a non-profit company, to plant 52 trees. The local organization provided planning and direction to
help the volunteers with proper tree-planting techniques and also provided planting equipment to support the event. As part of a larger effort, the planting helped The Boys & Girls Club prepare for the grand opening of their new Teen Center, a new program geared toward children in grades 9–12. Many of the children also lent a helping hand!

“Trees Across Raleigh had great experience and knowledge on their team. I had no idea how the depth of the hole affected the trees’ growth, but they did, and it was great to learn,” said Adam Hart, senior associate at ScottMadden. “It was also great to see the Club’s youth take part in preparing the landscape for their new center.”

In Atlanta, ScottMadden volunteers, also including employees, families, and friends, joined forces with Trees Atlanta, another non-profit organization, to plant 55 trees. Additional volunteers included residents of the area. Trees Atlanta assisted with the planting and conservation of trees and provided education designed to teach the best methods for planting and caring for trees.

“The location of the planting can be observed as you drive by, so the new planting will be enjoyed for years to come,” said RyanArrieta, senior associate at ScottMadden. “What a great experience!”

In both locations, activities included digging holes, carrying trees to the proper location, packing mulch and carrying it onto the site, carrying watering pales, and stripping all unwanted vegetation.ScottMadden employees showed great enthusiasm in giving their time and encouraging their friends and family to be there to make an impact on their surrounding area. We are proud of the effort and impact we had in our community and look forward to planning future events.

Charity Bike Challenge | August 2014

In August, ScottMadden took part in a charity bike challenge, a fast-paced competitive event that required collaboration among team members and efficient execution of team challenges.

Each team took part in multiple complex challenges, providing the opportunity to strategize, engage in idea generation, analyze potential alternatives, put a solution into action, evaluate the performance, and allow for process improvement. As each team completed a challenge, they received a new bike part for assembly. Once the final challenge was completed, the teams had all of the parts to build a complete bike.

And these were not just any bikes—they were bikes for children in the local community of Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to assembling the bike, the teams also decorated the bikes and created personalized greeting cards for the receiving child—a heartfelt, motivational message to inspire the child.

The best part was seeing the children’s faces as they received their new bikes and interacting with them on their new set of wheels. Teams helped their child fit their helmet securely and adjust their bike seats, but once the children got on their bikes, we could hardly keep up!

This experience integrated our company’s culture of teamwork and focused on community giving. We look forward to future events, including our upcoming Family Volunteering Event this October—partnering with local tree planting organizations to play a part in protecting and expanding our urban forests in both Raleigh, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Welcome to ScottMadden!

Sussex Economic Advisors is now part of ScottMadden. We invite you to learn more about our expanded firm. Please use the Contact Us form to request additional information.