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ScottMadden Shares a Business Case for Advanced Outage Management Technologies in Nuclear Plants

August 9, 2016

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading energy consulting firms, has released a new article focused on advanced outage management (AOM). The business case study, featured in the July 2016 Light Water Reactor Sustainability newsletter, justifies investments in new pilot project technologies for operating nuclear power plants.

“The application of these emerging technologies, along with the data captured from the field from Mobile Work Packages, will significantly reduce the number of resources required to manage and execute outages in the future,” said Sean Lawrie, partner at ScottMadden.

ScottMadden, in partnership with The Advanced Instrumentation, Information, and Control Systems Technologies Pathway, has designed a business case methodology (BCM). As stated in the business case, “This methodology values the costs and benefits associated with adopting (i.e., procuring and implementing) pilot project technologies to reflect the total organizational benefits that can be derived from the improved work methods (Thomas, et. al. 2014). Benefits come from factors such as the direct benefit to targeted work processes, efficiencies gained in related work processes, and avoided costs through the improvement of work quality and reduction of human error.”

The case study continues, “This BCM develops a business case for a particular technology or suite of technologies by accounting for how they impact plant staff work activities in one or more of the following three areas: (1) labor costs, (2) non-labor costs, and (3) key performance indicators. Impacts to nuclear power plants in these three areas are quantified and built into a comprehensive business case for the adoption of a technology.”

“There is a substantial business case for nuclear utilities to implement AOM technologies in conjunction with mobile work package technologies. Through publication of the findings in this business case study and the availability of the BCM, the nuclear industry is provided with a sample business case for pilot project technologies that can be used as a template for pursuing similar implementations at other nuclear power plants.”

For more information about the BCM approach and implementing new digital technologies in individual or across multiple nuclear power plant organizations, please contact us.

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