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ScottMadden Releases Spring 2019 Energy Industry Update to Explore the Future of Nuclear Generation, Smart Cities, Non-Wires Alternatives, and More

May 23, 2019

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading management consulting firms specializing in energy, has released its latest edition of The Energy Industry Update (EIU). Themed “How Soon Is Now?,” this EIU explores the critical changes in the industry today and addresses the time-sensitive nature of those changes.

There is a growing mix of voices advocating for change in the energy industry—whether that is transitioning away from coal, increasing renewables, deploying distributed energy resources, or dealing with increased reliance on natural gas. But how quickly can we make the changes given the long-lived nature of infrastructure assets and established regulatory constructs? And what actions should we prioritize and how might these changes affect reliability and affordability of energy? In this report, ScottMadden offers the latest on how the industry is answering the call for change related to:

  • The potential reversal of progress made in CO2 emissions reductions due to nuclear-generation retirements
  • Smart cities and the role an energy utility can play in supporting smart city development
  • Interest in non-wires alternatives and considerations for their planning and procurement
  • The transformation of the North American natural gas industry and its implications
  • The increasing focus on reliability and resiliency

“Stakeholders throughout the energy industry are clamoring for change across all aspects of the industry; the pace and nature of these changes are unprecedented,” says Cristin Lyons, partner and energy practice leader at ScottMadden. “The question is how to manage reliability and affordability in the midst of these myriad and often conflicting priorities.”

For an in-depth examination of these topics, you can hear from our industry experts on some of these topics in this new video. If you are interested in scheduling an interview with one of our thought leaders, please contact us.

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