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ScottMadden Outlines the Major Trends in the Large Power Generation Equipment Market

September 28, 2017

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading energy consulting firms, recently joined industry leaders as a presenter at EUCI’s Negotiation and Purchasing Strategies for Gas-Fired Power Generation Equipment Conference. The event provided a unique platform to discuss the key considerations and best practices involved in major procurement deals, allowing attendees to gain a full-circle view as to the balance that must be struck between the buyer’s and the purchaser’s interests. At the event, Todd Williams, partner and fossil practice co-lead at ScottMadden, discussed major trends in the large power generation equipment market.

The U.S. electric generating fleet has been undergoing major transformations driven by regulatory policy, generation costs, renewables, technology developments, and customer expectations. Because of this transition, traditional planning and operating processes have all been shaken up and require generation companies to think and act differently. At the conference, ScottMadden presented a survey of the current landscape of electric generation and examined how these key transformations are forcing changes.

“Aging coal, oil, and gas steam turbine generators—used primarily for baseload generation—continue to be retired or moved up the generation dispatch stack,” explained Mr. Williams. “Almost a third of current operating baseload capacity is more than 40 years old. The ‘new normal’ for baseload generation in the United States is increasingly combined cycles, gas turbines, and variable renewables represented by wind and utility-scale solar. The EIA projects that by 2025, gas will comprise 26% of net generation in the power sector, with renewables comprising 24%. Natural gas will play an increasingly vital role in U.S. electric generation based on its dispatchability.”

To learn more about the energy sector, baseload retirements, or the “new normal,” download Mr. Williams’ complete presentation.


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