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ScottMadden Explores Extracting Value from Power Markets

August 6, 2019

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading management consulting firms specializing in energy, recently joined industry leaders as a sponsor and presenter at Infocast’s Renewables: Extracting Value from Power Markets conference. This event provided a unique platform to discuss key issues facing power markets today.

What will be the cumulative impact of state and city energy efficiency goals, consumer product improvements, and other energy efficiency developments on demand in the future? What is the expected impact of distributed energy resources on demand? During the conference, Josh Kmiec, director at ScottMadden, explored these questions and more in his interactive workshop discussing power market demand outlook.

“Transportation electrification, distributed energy resources, and energy efficiency developments are all current trends at play in the market, but to what extent will each of these impact demand for power in the future? With so much to consider, it’s crucial we have a grasp on changes to policy and customer behavior at the state and local levels and how those trends translate to changes in power market demand. Equally important is to understand the scale in which these trends actually impact power markets,” comments Mr. Kmiec.

Paul Quinlan, clean tech manager at ScottMadden, also moderated a panel discussion reviewing power market transformation and renewables. “With the growing interconnection between power market changes and renewable energy growth, it’s important to explore how this is affecting grid flexibility, competition, reliability, and resilience. It is clear that higher penetrations of renewable energy will continue to influence wholesale energy prices and market design,” notes Mr. Quinlan.

For more information on the latest trends in power markets, please access our latest Energy Industry Update.

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