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ScottMadden to Explore Power Market Demand Outlook

July 11, 2019

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading management consulting firms specializing in energy, will join industry leaders as a sponsor and presenter at Infocast’s Renewables: Extracting Value from Power Markets conference. This event will provide attendees the unique opportunity to take an intensive dive into critical issues facing power markets, including top forecasters’ views on future price and power market fundamentals, market design changes on the horizon, best opportunities for hedge deals, and more.

There are many trends in play that may significantly influence the demand for power in the future. During the summit, Josh Kmiec, director at ScottMadden, will lead an interactive workshop evaluating these trends and assess their likely impact across power markets.

“We’re on the cusp of an interesting time where the actions of state regulators and increasingly individual customer behavior will have a growing impact on markets, from more aggressive state energy efficiency goals to the adoption of distributed energy resources and electric vehicles. However, it’s also important to sift through the headlines and hype to truly understand what impact these changes may or may not have on demand in markets,” comments Mr. Kmiec.

Additionally, Paul Quinlan, clean tech manager at ScottMadden, will moderate a panel discussion exploring power market transformation and renewables. A key topic to be explored by the panel is how changes in the technology mix are impacting grid flexibility, competition, reliability, and resilience.

“Power market changes and renewable energy growth will be interlinked moving forward. Making sense of emerging trends in the industry will require an understanding of these interactions,” notes Mr. Quinlan.

For more information on the latest trends in power markets, please access our latest Energy Industry Update.

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