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ScottMadden Announces Board Retirement of Former CEO, Tom Madden

February 4, 2020

In advance of its regularly scheduled shareholder meeting, the Board of Directors of ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading management consulting firms specializing in energy and shared services, announced today that Tom Madden, former CEO, has chosen to retire on February 23, 2020. A successor will be voted on during the next shareholder meeting.

Following his CEO role at Theodore Barry & Associates, Tom joined with Peter Scott in 1990 to create ScottMadden and shared leadership duties with Peter until Tom’s retirement in 1999. Shortly thereafter, Brad Kitchens, current president and CEO of ScottMadden, was appointed. Tom later transitioned to join the Board of Directors in 2000 where he advised on key strategies of the firm—all with the goal of ensuring a growth that preserved a strong, diverse foundation.

Tom, having provided leadership to ScottMadden for nearly 30 years, notes, “ScottMadden has been the cornerstone and capstone of my career. I have been truly honored to be part of it, and these last few years as a board member have allowed me the particular opportunity to witness it flourish, prosper, and achieve remarkable goals under the exemplary leadership of Brad Kitchens while carrying out the high standards that professionalism demands. It’s future is unbounded; Godspeed ScottMadden.”

“It’s been a true privilege to serve alongside Tom for the past 27 years, first as a coworker (actually, mentee) and then board member. His leadership, integrity, and genuine passion for consulting are unequaled. I believe Tom has shaped ScottMadden into the leading company it is today,” says Brad. “I hope Tom is proud of the distinguished career he has led and his tremendous legacy at ScottMadden. He will be missed.”

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