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The utility grid of the future is starting to emerge from a confluence of technology, economic, and regulatory developments that are leading to increased interconnectivity and data exchange amongst stakeholders. While these new technologies have the ability to revitalize aging energy infrastructure, executives and regulators are becoming increasingly concerned with the resulting cybersecurity implications. Many of the new cybersecurity risks facing smart grids are related to the interconnection of once-static assets via smart devices and an increasing number of two-way data flows between utilities, vendors, and customers. In today’s world where sophisticated hackers are rapidly and continually enhancing their tools and techniques, large energy corporations responsible for securing billions of dollars in assets are having a hard time keeping up.

This article will present the growing threat of cybersecurity issues for the energy industry, highlighting the effort in New York to support Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceedings as a representative case for states at the forefront of grid modernization.

Additional Contributing Authors: Mike Morley, Josh Kmiec, Chris Sturgill, and Chase Bebout

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