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The Shared Services Journey: Innovation and Growth

Workforce evolution, talent acquisition challenges, and technology innovations often trigger organizations to reinvent themselves. At the same time, the chatter of an approaching recession combined with the pressure to unveil long-term return-to-work strategies is quickly putting organizations on defense, reluctant to innovate. However, it’s arguably more important during disruption to invest in your corporate and shared services delivery models that position your organization to provide an elevated customer and employee experience, uncover new efficiencies, and gain operational insights.

For shared services organizations (SSOs), innovation and growth are driven by the need to meet customer demands and provide new corporate and shared services offerings. Transformation is not always an overhaul but commonly a refinement. For example, an organization acquires a new business, and the SSO expands support to the new company. To achieve continued success with your SSO, you can consider developing your services, expanding to serve new geographies or customer groups, adopting new technology to improve service delivery, incorporating new approaches to drive data insights, and others. As your SSO matures, the goals and nature of innovation also change, as shown below.

Maturity Curve for SSO

How We Help Our Clients

ScottMadden has helped many organizations take their businesses and shared services delivery models to the next level. We can help you identify an optimal approach to innovate and advance your existing service and business models by utilizing our expertise, leading practices, and past client experiences. ScottMadden has more than 25 years of shared services experience helping companies implement successful changes with avoiding pitfalls.

Keys to Reinventing Your Business and Shared Services Models

Functional Insights

ScottMadden has completed more than 2200 Corporate and Shared Services Projects.

The ScottMadden Way

We do what it takes to get it done right. We listen to our clients’ needs and challenges, understanding that every organization is unique. We are personally invested in every project and measure our success by our clients’ success. Our expertise allows us to integrate our project teams into your organization and design a one-of-a-kind solution to excel your business and meet your goals and objectives.

Case Studies

Developed a methodology to consistently assess and improve operations of nearly 40 areas for one of the largest healthcare companies in the United States.

Re-booted the mission, vision, and definition for shared services and created a common methodology to evaluate the operations of the most relevant areas within the organization

Gathered qualitative insights of current operations and opportunities for improvement through (270+) interviews with providers and clients of the areas assessed

Collected KPIs and performed benchmark analysis to determine how value was being created as compared to the market

Developed maturity assessments to support prioritization and improvement of main drivers of shared services operations

Assisted a distribution and retail company undergoing significant growth through acquisition to standardize it policies and processes across geographies and to better utilize its available service management technologies.

Assessed work allocation, organization structures and staff sizes, policies, and processes, and technologies across operating regions and service centers

Conducted detailed HR activity-based costing study using ScottMadden’s proprietary Work Activity Assessment to identify work ownership and costs

Identified improvement opportunities in work allocation, organization structures and staff sizes, processes, and HCM and service management technology

Instituted a process to harmonize acquisitions before adding them to the HR service center

For more information on how ScottMadden can assist you with your business innovation goals and advancing your shared services organization, please contact us.
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