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The Shared Services Journey: Design and Implementation

Organizations are continuing to assess and transform their corporate support functions to improve service, gain scalability, increase compliance, and reduce cost. Transforming a support function to a top-tier leading practice organization requires a range of knowledge from process redesign to technology design and configuration to change enablement. ScottMadden brings a combination of skills and experience in shared services to each project which enables us to customize a plan unique to your organization, enabling you to navigate each stage of your shared services journey.

Our projects range from assessing and improving corporate functions to business case development and shared services design and implementation to optimizing mature delivery models. We are one of the few consulting firms that can work with you from assessment and design through implementation and optimization. In addition, our implementation experience allows us to design a model that goes beyond theory to specifically fit your organization, its workforce, culture, and industry.

How We Help Our Clients

Our approach involves assessing your current operations, developing a robust design to transform your organization, and implementing with a focus on streamlining work to improve the customer experience and gain efficiencies, all while maintaining buy-in from leadership and putting boots on the ground to exceed project expectations. We use workstreams to guide you through a successful implementation, which typically involves planning and project management, policy standardization and process redesign, organization and staffing, communication, change enablement, training, technology, and facilities. Our step-by-step process ensures that policies and procedures are aligned at every level of the project, allowing for critical dependencies to be considered and the time to implementation accelerated.

Organizations are faced with complex challenges—many stem from the lack of a comprehensive program design and effective program implementation. Some of those include:

Complex Challenges: cost reduction, navigating change, identifying what is broken and understanding disconnects, poor employee and customer experience, staffing, addressing rework and creating operational efficiencies, future state planning, technology planning.

Design & Implementation By Function

Global Business Services (GBS)
Key Considerations for Implementing Live Chat in Your Service Center
How to Design and Implement A New Procurement Model
The Security Operating Model
Five Keys to Designing the Future Finance Model
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Procurement Transformation Series
Outcome-based Security Metrics

The ScottMadden Way

We do what it takes to get it done right. We listen to our client’s needs and challenges, understanding that every organization is unique. We are personally invested in every project and measure our success by our client’s success. Our expertise allows us to integrate our project teams into your organization and design a one-of-a-kind solution to excel your business and meet your goals and objectives.

Real Clients, Real Results

Designed and implemented a global HR service for a large technology company.

Planned and implemented service centers in the U.S., Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Ireland

Reduced initial costs by more than 30%

Increased service levels by more than 50% in the first 6 months

Assisted a leading global entertainment company to configure and design Workday, impacting 150,000 employees.

Created and managed the overall project plan for phased HCM and payroll deployment

Led deployment team through implementation, including training, change enablement, and more

Enabled client to launch Workday HCM globally with stabilization for international HR and WFA team

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For more information on how ScottMadden can assist you in successfully designing and implementing your corporate and shared services, please contact us.
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