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Supply Trends – What Are The Impacts on Transmission?

Todd Williams, partner at ScottMadden, presented, “Supply Trends – What Are The Impacts on Transmission?” at Infocast’s 15th Annual Transmission Summit. This presentation focused on important developments in generation and how they will impact transmission.

Supply uncertainty is at unprecedented levels, primarily driven by EPA regulations, decreasing natural gas prices and renewable energy portfolio requirements. The impacts of a shift in electric generation moves from coal to natural gas needs to be examined closely, such as the the unknowns associated with growing interdependency of gas and electric industries. The impact of new generation, extended outages for retrofits, and required transmission must be understood by transmission planners and operators to ensure continued grid reliability. The mismatch in planning cycles between generation and transmission makes this even more problematic.

SNL Energy editor, JP Finlay, provides a wrap-up of Mr. Williams’ presentation, click here to access the full article on SNL.

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