Smart Grid Planning

According to recent forecasts, the Smart Grid market is expected to double in size from 2010 to 2015. Automated Meter Reading and Infrastructure (AMI/AMR) is currently the largest Smart Grid segment, with approximately 45% of total market share, due to the recent stimulus grants that were distributed largely to smart metering projects, but this market is expected to shrink and be supplanted by Transmission and Distribution automation (T&D Automation), which is projected to capture as much as 60% of the Smart Grid market share by 2015.

But even with clear signs of Smart Grid growth, the inability of industry participants to clearly articulate a vision for Smart Grid places the development of an integrated and effective Smart Grid at risk. ScottMadden’s document, “Smart Grid Planning”, makes a case for T&D automation as the engine of true Smart Grid growth and provide the context for developing a supporting business case needed to gain internal company and external regulatory approvals.

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