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Operational Technology (OT) change management involves processes and decisions related to implementing asset changes that can be deployed in different configurations. For example, processes that involve change requests processes for emergency or exception change requests – all activities required to support change management.

What are some of the challenges of OT Change Management?

The most common challenges of OT change management are related to systems and procedures deeply routed in the corporate culture. Another widespread issue is the preservation of continuity in workflows. A successful OT Change Management initiative requires the involvement of all stakeholders during the operational redesign phase to ensure system stability and security.

This case study is an operational technology consulting activity we performed for a midsized power utility. This article describes the challenges we faced, the proposed and implemented processes, and the results obtained.

The Challenge

Our client, a midsized utility, underwent leadership changes and wanted to simplify its operational technology (OT) change management process and supporting system. Executives of the utility sought an operational technology consulting firm to improve the end-user experience while meeting operational and compliance demands. ScottMadden developed a future state process design to enhance its existing change management processes.

The Process We Designed and Helped Implement

Our consultants:

  • Surveyed leadership and end-user audiences to determine current state process pain points and future state target objectives.
  • Proposed and defined guiding principles for the future state process design
  • Coordinated with system developers to design technical architecture configuration
  • Facilitated user-acceptance testing cycle and managed defect remediations as needed

The Results Obtained

  • A simplified set of universal change management processes
  • Improved transparency and accountability for leadership and system end users through pre- and post-launch communications
  • Enhanced security configuration management solution usability
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