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Technology evolution continues to bring with it wide-ranging opportunities for shared services centers (SSCs) to raise their game. These opportunities require service center decision makers to be selective about which technologies best support their core mission. Compared to externally facing contact centers, SSCs are often lagging in their use of sophisticated tools and enabling technologies. To unlock their full potential, SSCs can leverage advanced contact center technologies to improve customer service and operations.

Putting a technology strategy in place is a competitive imperative for shared services centers. However, before making the switch to any new solution, SSCs should conduct a full assessment of technology assets currently within their own company, especially in externally facing contact centers. In doing so, SSCs will be able to decide which technologies will be most beneficial, the best approach to source the technologies, and how to measure cost metrics and correlated performance gains.

This article focuses on the three key benefits SSCs can reap by adopting these enabling technologies.

Additional Contributing Author: Min Qin

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