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To support its clean energy goals, ScottMadden’s client, a large federal power authority, identified the need to drive customer adoption of 200,000 electric vehicles (EVs) within its seven-state service territory over a seven year timeframe. ScottMadden assisted the client with the development of an EV-transformation initiative and EV strategy, which ultimately led to the development of a multi-state DC fast-charging (DCFC) network.


  • To address adoption barriers (e.g., charging availability, policy support, consumer awareness), we developed a multi-pronged initiative—informed by customer input—to drive EV awareness, educate customers on the benefits of EVs, and develop a multi-state DCFC network.
  • ScottMadden assisted our client in conducting a request for information for EV chargers, networks, and service providers to allow it to provide information on charging infrastructure to customers, reducing the knowledge gap.
  • Lastly, to align DCFC development across jurisdictions, we produced program guidelines for operation and oversight of the DCFC network, including a program overview, site selection guidelines, and best practices.


  • Our support resulted in a partnership with our client to install DCFCs every 50 miles on primary and secondary highways throughout its home state as the beginning of its effort to deploy a DCFC-charging network across its service territory.
  • Through Q2 2021, our client received nearly 70 responses from customers indicating their interest in installing DCFCs as part of the company’s DCFC network.
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