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Employee Spotlight: Titi Ellis

Titi Ellis

Titilayo “Titi” Ellis joined ScottMadden in September 2014 as a marketing strategist. This was a new position at the firm and she quickly jumped in to develop a robust marketing plan for the coming year. Since the completion of the planning process, she has been leading key marketing initiatives for the firm and interfacing with ScottMadden’s practice areas and communities of practice to guide and support these groups with their marketing strategies. Titi shared, “Working at ScottMadden has given me the opportunity to work with people who have a deep understanding and vested interest in their client’s needs. It’s great to see partners, directors, and managers alike all working toward one common goal, and that is the long-term success of their client’s businesses.”

Outside of work, Titi is currently pursuing her M.B.A., which makes for a very busy schedule. As a result, the last book she read was “The Manager’s Guide to Statistics” – just some light reading in the evenings! In addition, Titi is a certified SCRUM Master and is certified in the Product Management Fast Track approach.

Prior to joining ScottMadden, Titi lived in Washington, D.C. and was the director of product marketing & strategy at The Chronicle for Higher Education. While in D.C., she enjoyed jogging and exercising and has a favorite six-mile run across the Wilson Bridge near the National Harbor. Even though she has relocated to Raleigh, she makes frequent trips to D.C. to visit family and friends. Titi brings a lot of creativity to the firm and some of this may have stemmed from a musical background. Titi grew up surrounded by music and musicians. She listens to a wide array of music from classical to Latin jazz to R&B. “One of my favorite things to do is go to shows with live musicians and see the magic that takes place between artist and audience. No matter the genre—it’s an awesome thing to witness,” said Titi.

Titi has quickly immersed herself in firm activities and taken part in various firm and office events. She particularly enjoyed volunteering with her colleagues and family members this fall as ScottMadden worked with Trees Across Raleigh to plant 52 trees at a new Raleigh Boys & Girls Club facility.

“Having Titi join our team has made a big impact in the firm’s strategic marketing capabilities. She has been able to get up to speed quickly across a diverse set of practice area needs and marketing activities and make an immediate impact,” shared Karen Hilton, partner in charge of marketing at ScottMadden.

What’s next? Titi looks forward to completing her M.B.A. and hopes to travel to Italy one day. In the meantime, she will be continuing to advance ScottMadden through her marketing expertise.

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