Employee Spotlight: Kate Breen

Kate Breen

Kate Breen joined ScottMadden in 2011, fresh out of UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and has been a valued team member ever since. She initially joined as an associate and quickly progressed to manager gaining experience in finance and HR shared services along the way. From brief assessments to lengthier implementations, Kate has expanded her breadth of knowledge while also fulfilling her deep-seated interest in working with others to make clients shine.

“I was drawn to our firm because of the people,” said Kate. “I knew I wanted to be a consultant, yet I also wanted to work with people who challenge and support me, respect their clients, and actually enjoy their jobs and each other.” Working with ScottMadden enhances her natural tendency to encourage both individual and team professional growth and also satisfies her desire to work collaboratively in teams.

When asked what she likes to do in her spare time Kate replied, “I really enjoy Broadway. Each year, I see several shows—including some repeats. Broadway performers often say that each show is different based largely on the audience and how the cast responds to its reaction. Experiencing it first-hand is powerful. Audiences laugh when they’re not supposed to or they fall asleep and don’t give any response. As in consulting—where even the most researched and well-laid plans must be adjusted, often on the spot during presentations or when clients present unexpected challenges—live theater embraces the unexpected and favors those with strong senses of humor and improvisational skills.”

Consulting also allows Kate to travel often, bringing her closer to another passion—aviation. “There’s such a great team effort required to get someone and her bags from point A to B,” Kate explained. “Without everyone working together, both airline employees and travelers alike, a flight can really get off track. Quick and effective communication is vital to a successful flight and I enjoy observing others’ skills, or lack thereof, in stressful situations. Communication is a compulsory skill of the job at ScottMadden and we strive to improve our methods and tailor delivery to the specific person to whom we’re speaking. There’s always more to learn from each other.”

Kate continued, “The innate nature of our jobs and the requisite travel provides countless learning opportunities, both professional and personal. I’ve been sorted by the Harry Potter sorting hat, seen A- to D-listers on the streets of Los Angeles, and am looking forward to experiencing my first winter in sub-zero temperatures!”

And her best piece of advice? Her mother’s words, “It’s nice to be nice.” Kate explains, “When you’re younger, you repeat the phrase because that’s what you’ve been told. Then one day it finally clicks and you experience the joy that you feel when you’re nice to others and it’s reciprocated or simply acknowledged with a smile or a laugh. It also may result in a “paid-forward” biscuit from Bojangles’ and that’s a nice bonus as well.”

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