Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson, manager at ScottMadden, joined the firm following the acquisition of Sussex Economic Advisors, LLC, on June 1, 2016. Her journey to ScottMadden includes multiple moves and various work experiences, and it’s incredible to see how it all ties together.

Raised in Alaska, a very resource-rich state, Jennifer always felt led to work in the energy industry. It was built into her interests from the start!

Her father’s enlistment in the Air Force led the family to Alaska when she was just six weeks old. Even though he served in the Air Force for just four years, her parents loved Alaska for the opportunities it provided the family and stayed.

Jennifer ventured to Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts on a full scholarship to pursue her education in business economics. She then worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Here, she built a foundation for economic research and analysis.

To expand her education and love of energy and natural resource economics, she moved back to Alaska to pursue a master’s degree in resource and applied economics from the University of Alaska. Following graduation, Jennifer worked for Alaska’s Department of Revenue where she managed the state’s biannual revenue forecast, of which oil and gas represents about 90% of the state’s total revenue. Here, she developed and refined her economic modeling and forecasting capabilities and gained experience in the industry. She provided analysis regarding proposed changes to the tax system and testified before the Alaska State Legislature on the oil and gas production forecast.

She couldn’t stay away from Boston long! Wanting to grow her passion for energy even more, she moved into the regulatory side of the industry at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. As a staff member in the Electric Power Division, she assisted the Department on utility filings for energy efficiency, smart grid pilot programs, long-term contracts for renewable power, and grid modernization. This experience helped give her the foundation regarding the regulatory process, improved her writing and analytical capabilities, and provided insight into emerging policies affecting the industry.

Her long commute into the city led her to a new role at, formerly, Sussex Economic Advisors, LLC. It is here that her work experiences came together in a truly unique way—Jim Stephens, partner at the firm, was in the process of submitting a proposal for an agency in Alaska. Jennifer jumped on board to provide her knowledge and expertise to support the agency and their plans to build a natural gas pipeline. She understood the players, resources, tax system, and the unique environment and challenges facing Alaska—a true asset to the, now, ScottMadden team.

As her late mother believed, “everything happens for a reason.” And, even in Jennifer’s work life, it has proven to be the case.

True, Jennifer has a love for energy and economics, but what’s her real source of joy? Her new son (currently eight months old). Jennifer and her husband plan to bring their son to visit Alaska one day. But, while they look forward to sharing him with family and friends, they are not as eager to embark on the long flight. Perhaps their little one will be just as interested in the energy industry!

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