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Employee Spotlight: Freedom David

Freedom David

Freedom David joined ScottMadden in 2014 after completing her MBA at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School with honors. She received the Entrepreneurship Award, the Organization and Management Faculty Award, and the Core Value Award in Integrity. She initially joined as an associate, but later progressed to her current role as senior associate. Within the firm, she serves on the Sustainability tower in the Clean Tech & Sustainability practice, contributing to the Clean Tech & Sustainability Minute, acting as overall coordinator, and participating in a knowledge management power-user group.

“The thing I love most about ScottMadden is the client-focused approach. It is all about helping the client,” said Freedom. “Nothing lights me up more than seeing how my work has helped a client—from something as simple as teaching them an Excel shortcut that saves them hours of work to presenting data in such a way that makes it easier for the client to make a complex and difficult decision. As consultants, we often have to recommend solutions that require change within the client organization. Most people often have mixed emotions about change. Part of our role as consultants is to be a safe space for them to share concerns and frustrations, so they can ultimately move beyond the change curve. It’s neat to see your encouragement support them through the process.”

Outside of ScottMadden, Freedom enjoys cooking, fishing, reading, baking, and decorating cakes. She even makes things from scratch such as ice cream and pasta. “Developing something from nothing and being hands-on is something I enjoy,” said Freedom. “I like taking things from inception to implementation, even in my spare time. One thing I love about cooking is seeing other people enjoy my work. I see the same connection in consulting. When I can produce tangible results for clients, I feel fulfilled and nourished (pun intended).”

Freedom is a unique name with a bold backstory. She was born in the Philippines during the time of the Marcos dictatorship. People who spoke against the regime were persecuted. Her father was one of those detained for his views. As activists fighting this tyranny, Freedom’s parents felt that it was a fitting name for their daughter.

And her best piece of advice? It comes from her mother: “Whatever you choose to spend your time on, do it to the best of your ability.” Freedom explains, “Although sometimes hard to follow, especially when you have very limited time to accomplish every task and need to prioritize, this piece of advice has been useful in every aspect of my life, especially professionally. It’s about pride in your output. I hold myself to a certain standard. Even without external factors, I try to produce the best output that I can. It’s time you’re spending. Don’t let it be wasted.”

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