Employee Spotlight: Affuembey Affuembey

Affuembey Affuembey

Computation Is Only Half the Story

Affuembey Affuembey, a senior associate at ScottMadden, has been key to the firm’s Grid Transformation practice, internal Public Power and Electric Cooperatives, and Gas COP for more than three years. He has a strong affinity for data collection and analysis, which stems from an understanding developed through life experiences, travel, and education. He readily admits how much he enjoys telling the story of quantifiable data. As he explains, “Data doesn’t exist within a vacuum. The way you contextualize the data will impact the lenses you see it through.” Spoken like a true data scientist.

Dedicated to Lifelong Learning

Affuembey grew up in Cameroon, Africa, which makes sense given his eagerness to boast about the chocolate produced in the southwest region. He even brings samples to the office—not a bad perk! He received a B.S. from the University of Buea and started his career in microfinance, establishing financial institutions and teaching financial literacy to Cameroonian cocoa farmers. While traveling to communities in southwest Cameroon, he simultaneously pursued an Advanced Diploma in management accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, an institution based in London, U.K. Recipient of the Swedish International Development Agency scholarship, Affuembey continued his studies in Arusha, Tanzania at the Trade Policy Training Center in Africa. There he earned a Post Graduate Diploma in international trade policy and trade law. Encouraged by a former Cameroonian professor, Affuembey moved to Baton Rouge, LA, to attend business school at Southern University and A&M College.

Each experience incorporated elements of data and ultimately taught Affuembey how to influence behavior. He most enjoyed data projects with societal applications, such as criminal justice reform. After joining ScottMadden, Affuembey settled in Atlanta with his wife Maloa. In March 2017, they welcomed home triplet boys. And, yes, he’s still just as quick with his data.

Beyond the Office

Outside of work, Affuembey stays busy. You can find him running into people’s heels with his three-seat stroller, reading, traveling, and on occasion, cooking. His ultimate dream job is to be a globe-trotting tour guide for his kids (for “cool dad” points), and he looks forward to any opportunity to travel back to Cameroon to visit with friends and family, which he does frequently.

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