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Capital Program Assessment Overview

Over the last ten years, the U.S. nuclear industry has seen large demands on its capital project/major modification organizations with the mandate to ensure compliance for a number of concerns. As the nuclear fleet continues to age, projects like these will continue to surface, representing large capital exposure for nuclear power plants. For that reason, successful execution of capital projects has never been more important. ScottMadden believes it is critical to ensure the capital projects organization and its projects are structured and organized with clear roles and responsibilities, disciplined in the execution of policies and procedures, and systematic about informing senior leadership of the likelihood and potential costs of project risks.

Success of your capital program depends on the ability to manage a portfolio of projects well and the ability to execute each project’s required actions on time, on budget, and with quality. ScottMadden’s Capital Program Assessment examines how the capital program is implemented—from top to bottom—with a look at the PMO, a specific project selected by our client, and a review of the performance reporting and tools in place. Our approach analyzes these critical areas to provide a detailed assessment of your capital program with actionable recommendations.

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