Protected: Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Digital 2020

August 13, 2020

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Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Upend Finance Service Delivery Models?

July 29, 2020

Q&A with Brad DeMent and Trey Robinson

In this follow-up to our workshop presented at the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network’s digital Shared Services for Finance and Accounting conference, experts Brad DeMent and Trey Robinson go deeper with insights, tips, and recommendations on how to lean into the finance delivery model during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Transitioning Your Business from a Post-Pandemic Recovery to a Booming Economy

July 27, 2020

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazil’s economy had been steadily gaining momentum since the downturn experienced in 2015 and 2016. While Gross Domestic Product growth can no longer be expected to materialize in 2020, this growth is delayed—not cancelled. Economists currently forecast growth rates as high as 3.6% in 2021. Will your business be prepared for this return to growth?

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Protected: Intelligent Automation Week Digital 2020

July 16, 2020

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Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Harb

July 10, 2020

Jonathan Harb

Jonathan Harb, a manager at ScottMadden, joined the firm in 2014. With previous IT experience in the oil and gas industry, Jonathan works across both of ScottMadden’s practice areas—corporate & shared services and energy—and is a member of the supply chain and strategy & services communities of practice. He is the lead and founder of the &Cookies program, which offers employees a fun opportunity to gather and discuss professional development topics. These conversations are centered around TED Talks and are always paired with a sweet treat! Jonathan holds a B.S. in computer engineering and an M.B.A. from LSU.

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2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

July 7, 2020

At the time of this letter, the world is experiencing unprecedented events with the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread denouncement of racial injustice. Among its many profound impacts, this changing landscape has challenged many organizations to examine or think critically about their operational sustainability and the equity of their workplace practices. We are no exception. Publishing our first Corporate Responsibility Report is an important step for ScottMadden as we seek to lead on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues.

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The Nexus of COVID-19 Recovery and ESG Performance

June 25, 2020

Businesses of all sizes are shifting near- and long-term plans as they determine how to best weather and recover from the impacts of COVID-19. As a result of rapidly shifting priorities, corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities are also receiving additional scrutiny. Reading headlines about ESG in the COVID-19 era tends to prompt whiplash. Is corporate responsibility more important than ever before,[1] or are companies unilaterally abandoning sustainable practices in these difficult times?[2] The reality is more nuanced. While many companies will focus on mitigating the economic impacts of the pandemic, an effective recovery approach will also take a long-term view and address the following areas essential to ESG strategy.

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Managing Your Shared Services Operations during a Pandemic

June 24, 2020

It would have been extremely helpful if we had a service center in place during this pandemic.

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The Energy Industry Update Webcast: Take It to the Limit

June 18, 2020

Diving Deeper into RN Turnover

June 18, 2020

A Use Case for People Analytics in Healthcare

Healthcare systems continue to face a multitude of challenges related to their registered nurse (RN) population, including a growing demand, increasing turnover rates, and high replacement costs. In fact, the average hospital loses nearly $5 million per year on RN turnover.[1] However, that figure does not include additional costs related to impacts on patient satisfaction (e.g., brand image, decreased patient volumes) that may also result from an instability in the patient-facing RN population. Typical initiatives to combat the challenge are often high level, such as increasing retention or shortening time-to-fill, and tackled in a narrow or siloed fashion with limited insight into core issues.

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Protected: Shared Services for Finance and Accounting Digital 2020

June 12, 2020

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