Natural Gas

The natural gas industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Shale gas, pipeline safety, increasing reliance on gas-fired generation, the strategic importance of regulatory relationships, and more are creating an environment very different from the recent past.

Natural gas companies must address challenges like aging infrastructure, declining returns, and ongoing cost control pressure—while continuing to deliver significant shareholder value. And they face broad new avenues of opportunity from the advent of shale.

At ScottMadden, we have deep experience in assisting our clients with managing the gas business through a variety of services, including strategic analysis, business planning, operations management, organization design and staffing, business process improvement, mergers and acquisitions, rates and finance strategy, and operational and financial performance benchmarking.

We have provided consulting support across major functions, including field operations, construction, maintenance, supply chain, risk management, customer service, gas supply, regulatory, and sales and marketing.

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