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Illinois Energy Reform Set to Shape New Solar Business Models for Utilities

Utility Dive, September 2017

Massachusetts utilities take divergent approaches to grid modernization

Utility Dive, September 2017

Looking Beyond the Eclipse: How the Historic Event Tested Customer Engagement on the Electric Grid

Greentech Media, August 2017

The Importance of Rate Case “Fundamentals”

Financial Research Institute, August 2017

The Smart City Opportunity for Utilities

Electric Light & Power, August 2017

The Smart City Opportunity for Utilities

The Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster (RTCC), July 2017

As Solar Pushes Electricity Prices Negative, 3 Solutions for California’s Power Grid

InsideClimate News, June 2017

Building the ‘Solar Protection Factor’ Into an Increasingly Green-Powered Grid

Greentech Media, June 2017

Seeking Answers Down Under

Public Utilities Fortnightly Magazine, June 2017

Making Sense of Solar: New Methods To Access Penetration And Oversupply Risks

Solar Industry Magazine, June 2017

Utilities ‘align with disrupters’ in energy transition, report finds

S&P Global Market Intelligence, May 2017

New PPA Model Could Help Hawaii Address Solar Curtailment

Solar Industry Magazine, April 2017

ScottMadden’s Chris Vlahoplus Talks About the Outlook for Cleantech

Duke University – The Fuqua School of Business, EDGE Chats, March 2017

CAISO: Renewable Energy Curtailment Could Hit 8,000 MW this Spring

Utility Dive, March 2017

California’s Flood of Green Energy Could Drive a Record 8GW of Curtailment This Spring

GTM, March 2017

10 Trends Sharing Your SSO Success

Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, March 2017

Metric of the Month: Financial Shared Services Centers

CFO Magazine, March 2017

Global Industry Leaders Collaborate to Create Energy Ecosystem

Utility Dive, February 2017

Changing Solar PPAs Could Turn Curtailed Power into Dispatchable Resources

PV Magazine, February 2017

Changing Solar PPAs Could Turn Curtailed Power into Dispatchable Resources

Energy Central, February 2017

Regulatory and Legislative Changes Affecting Rate-Case Strategies

Natural Gas & Electricity, Wiley Periodicals, Inc., a Wiley Company, February 2017

What Australia’s DER revolution can teach US utilities about the age of Trump

Utility Dive, January 2017

How California Utility Regulators are Turning Electric Vehicles Into Grid Resources

Utility Dive, November 2016

The California Duck Curve Is Real, and Bigger Than Expected

Greentech Media, November 2016

ScottMadden: California Duck Curve growing faster than expected

Utility Dive, November 2016

What It Will Take for California to Hit 50% Renewables. (Yes, It’s Complicated)

Greentech Media, November 2016

CAISO considers tweaks to flexible capacity rules as duck curve grows

Utility Dive, November 2016

A Cleaner Power Grid is Underway, Unlikely to Stop

Electric Light & Power, December 2016

Calif. ‘Duck Curve’ Growing Faster than Expected: Utility-Scale Solar Having More Impact than Rooftop

RTO Insider, October 18, 2016

Study: Utility-scale solar causing Calif. ‘duck curve’ to get steeper

SNL Extra, October 2016

Texas Solar Two Step: Different Outcomes in State’s Two Distinct Markets

Public Utilities Fortnightly, October 2016

SNL Energy Current, September 2016

Clean Energy Magazine, September 2016

Increased customer demands and desire for growth driving energy service push

SNL Energy Current, September 2016

Duke Energy asks S.C. customers to pay cleanup costs for coal ash

Charlotte Business Journal, August 2016

A Business Case for Advanced Outage Management

Energy Central, August 2016

Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program

Light Water Reactor Sustainability, July 2016

ScottMadden, Inc. Acquires Sussex Economic Advisors

Northeast Gas Association, June 2016

Forbes Media and Statista recognize ScottMadden as a top American consulting firm

sharedserviceslink, April 2016

The Role of Robotics in Financial Shared Services

APQC, April 2016

Roles and Risks in Financial Shared Services Today

APQC, April 2016

ScottMadden reports on SEPA’s 51st State summit in Denver

Smart Grid Today, April 2016

Where the Sun Doesn’t Set on Solar

U.S. News & World Report, February 2016

Postcards from Hawaii: Lessons on Grid Transformation

Public Utilities Fortnightly, February 2016

Solar Shines as Regulatory Battles Abound
Public Utilities Fortnightly, December 2015

Power predictions for 2016
EnergyBiz, December 2015

1,200 MW Compressed Air Energy Storage Project Evaluated for Utah Site
Renewable Energy World, December 2015

Consultants find ‘confidence gap’ in energy sector cybersecurity efforts

SNL Energy, December 2015

Community Solar

Public Utilities Fortnightly Magazine, December 2015

Network Improvements

Nuclear Engineering International Magazine, November 2015

Utilities struggle to map their futures
EnergyBiz, October 2015

Powering Up Their Game
Inside Supply Management Magazine, October 2015

Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines, September 2015

Economics of Gas Versus Renewables Evaluated by ScottMadden
GenerationHub, September 2015

Analysis: Renewable Energy Continues To Make LCOE Inroads Versus Gas-Fired Generation
North American Windpower, September 2015

ScottMadden Announces New Grid Transformation Practice and Practice Leader
Energy Central, September 2015

ScottMadden Releases Fall 2015 Energy Industry Update
Energy Central, September 2015

Consultancy ScottMadden adds grid transformation practice
Smart Grid Today, September 2015

ScottMadden to Host Free Webcast Based on Fall 2015 Energy Industry Update
Energy Central, August 2015

ScottMadden: New York’s REV initiative ‘setting the stage for increased promotion of distributed energy resources’
TransmissionHub, August 2015

Almost cyber week in the Senate? — Dispatches from Aspen — Treasury’s sanctions tracking system was vulnerable to hacks

POLITICO, July 2015

ScottMadden Features Cost-Effective Excellence Survey at Nuclear Generator and Supplier Executive Summit

Energy Central, July 2015

Renewable Energy Will Force Change In Utilities

Natural Gas & Electricity, March 2015

Weakening in supply balance could send natural gas price below $2/MMBtu

SNL Energy, February 2015

ScottMadden Releases Winter 2015 Energy Industry Update
Reuters, February 2015

Consultant: Utilities should avoid ‘victim mentality’ and lead on DG

GenerationHub, December 2014

ScottMadden Partners with The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network

SSON, December 2014

E.ON split points to growing focus on utilities’ delivery businesses
SNL Energy, November 2014

Keys to smart grid success? Integration, public policy
WRAL TechWire, November 2014

Germany’s Energiewende
Public Utilities Fortnightly Magazine, November 2014

GOP senators and NMA pan China carbon deal while Boxer calls it historic
GenerationHub, November 2014

PG&E would face ‘rioting in the streets’ under German-style rate hikes, exec says
SNL Energy, November 2014

RTI International and ScottMadden Assist Bruce Power in Developing the Nuclear Industry’s Leading Emergency Response Program
newswise, October 2014

Consultants find Germany in better shape than US to integrate renewables
SNL Energy, October 2014

ScottMadden and APQC Host Financial Management Webinar
American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), October 2014

RTI International and ScottMadden Assist Bruce Power in Developing the Nuclear Industry’s Leading Emergency Response Program

RTI International, October 2014

New research by the Solar Electric Power Association and ScottMadden Inc.
PAC Green Info., Solar Power, October 2014

ScottMadden to Partner with SEPA for Fact-Finding Mission
Alternative Energy eMagazine, September 2014

SEPA, ScottMadden Partner for Fact Finding in Germany
Energy Manager Today, September 2014

Business Analytics: A New Tool For Financial Shared Services

American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), September 2014

U.S. Utilities Seek to Learn from Germany
PV Solar Report, September 2014

ScottMadden Issues New Energy Industry Update – Summer 2014 Edition
Energy Central, September 2014

ScottMadden Experts Host Complimentary Webcast Based on Summer 2014 Energy Industry Update
Energy Central, August 2014

Report: Polar Vortex May Slow Coal-Fired Retirements

NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index, August 2014

ScottMadden Releases Summer 2014 Energy Industry Update
Transmission & Distribution World Magazine, August 2014

ScottMadden Addresses FERC Order 1000, Rate Matters, Gas-Power Interdependence in Summer Update

TransmissionHub, August 2014

New Report Eyes EPA Climate Rules As ‘Back Door’ To National RPS

Clean Energy Report, August 2014

State of the Energy Industry: A Mid-Year Review
Intelligent Utility, August 2014

ScottMadden to Host Free Webcast Based on Summer 2014 Energy Industry Update
Energy Central, August 2014

ScottMadden Partners with ACORE to Release White Paper Focused on Evolving Utility Business Models
Energy Central, June 2014

In distributed generation debate, some call for rate-basing utility investments
SNL Energy, June 2014

Utilities unsure of future as environmental regs loom
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 2014

Do BI Systems Hold the “Secret Recipe” for a Competitive Edge?

CIO Review Magazine, April 2014

Water Isn’t Everywhere Anymore
Electrical Contractor, March 2014

ScottMadden updates changing face of power industry

GenerationHub, February 2014

The Essentials of Shared Services: ScottMadden Shares the Fundamentals at SS&O Meeting
PR Newswire, January 2014

Inventory Optimization Practices

American Gas Association, December 2013

EPA rules, plant economics drive M&A interest in generation’s ‘used car lot’

SNL Energy, December 2013

Tread Carefully with Global Models for Shared Services

American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), October 2013

EPA carbon rule to remove last impediment to ‘building a lot of new gas plants’
SNL Energy, October 2013

ScottMadden sees power customers gaining more options

GenerationHub, October 2013

ScottMadden Poll: Energy Efficiency Top of Mind
Energy Manager Today, September 2013

Is distributed generation a ‘death foretold’ for utility business model?

SNL Energy, September 2013

Finance in the Cloud: Not Just a Numbers Game
Business Information, Volume 1, Number 3, June 2013

Coal’s Slow Burn
Electric Light & Power magazine, June 2013
Middle-Age Myths for Gas Plants
GenerationHub, April 2013

Improving Regulatory Outcomes: Reengineering the Rate Case
Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Natural Gas & Electricity Monthly Journal, March 2013

Duke Energy Discusses Crystal River 3 Retirement
Power Generation, February 2013

A Special Thanks to Samuel Poston, Former partner at ScottMadden
Shared Services & Outsourcing Network, January 2013

Rising Tide of Natural Gas Presents Infrastructure Issues
Energy Central EnergyBiz Newsletter, January 2013

Kewaunee Seen as only purely Economic Nuclear Victim for Now
GenerationHub, November 2012

Experts Weigh in on Cross-State Ruling
GenerationHub, September 2012

ScottMadden Consultant on Natural Gas Infrastructure
GenerationHub, June 2012

Trends and Predictions for Shared Services
Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, June 2012

Finding a Strategic Location for Shared Services Operations
Area Development Magazine, April 2012

Don’t Let Stagnation Kill Your Shared Services Operation
Nearshore Americas, February 2012





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